BioSecurID™ is a biometric security product providing a pioneering solution in electronic Security, Safety and identification. Biometric system is an advanced method to introduce systematization and security at various places such as business organizations, building demanding sophisticated protection and even residential areas. Utilizing specific attributes, these systems can help maintain the much-deserving security level. Corporate houses are facilitated by these biometric systems to assess performance of employees and increase their caliber. Various systems devised using biometric technology are discussed in subsequent sections.

Features of BioSecurID™ :

  • Easy to use with network based functionality
  • Centralized database support
  • Multiple and various type Biometric device connection support
  • Member management with groups
  • Time Zone Based System
  • Flexible assignment of calendar days
  • Combinational Access system using FP, face, Card and Password.
  • Attendance with device and manual attendance.
  • Automatic import & export data option
  • Reporting for all transactions in device
  • It achieves utmost accuracy in noting the timing data.
  • The easy installation procedure of this system is relatively simple.
  • Automatic Users data sending and collecting attendance.
  • Auto synchronization of fingerprint, card and faces across multiple devices.
  • Instant SMS on attendance.
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